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Energy costs have risen 65% since the year 2000 and nearly half of a typical homes' energy loss is through the attic. Did you know, that if you were to replace your windows, siding, and roof it still would not affect your homes' energy loss as much as the attic?

A space suit can be 310° F on the side facing the sun and -290° F on the opposite side, but a flexible radiant barrier laminated into the fabric allows the space suit to reflect the heat from the sun, and retain the body heat on the opposite side.

Shield Energy Products has been helping homeowners across Colorado and beyond improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We have improved the energy of homes from Fort Collins, to Castle Rock, Boulder to Aurora, Grand Junction and the Western Slope to Sterling and the Eastern Plains, and across the Denver metro area. We are here to serve your home attic insulation and home efficiency needs.

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85% of U.S. homes are either under insulated or have improperly installed insulation. Insulation is an integral component of your homes’ energy efficiency. Our fiberglass insulation is 100% recycled and is the ONLY insulation that is guaranteed to remain at its original R-Value level for as long as you own the home.

Reflective foil insulation for thermal protection. We can stop more than 97% of the radiant heat loss, which is the main source of heat loss in homes, through our multi-layer foil heat barrier. It works perfectly with existing insulation and can provide more savings than adding another foot of fiberglass insulation.

Replacing your windows is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. What most window companies don’t want you to know is that most homeowners can enjoy the energy same benefits as a full replacement project for a significantly lower cost, by adding our state of the art reflective film technology. Our solution blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, 94% of all infrared light, and has the highest rating for visible light transmission and solar heat gain co-efficiency from the NFRC.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is much more than just a programable thermostat. Nest learns from your behavior, and figures out the best way to save you energy and money. You will also receive reports directly from Nest that will let you know how you are reducing your energy usage, and ways to save even more.

Schedule your whole-home energy loss assessment. We provide a free, no-obligation digital inspection, of your windows, attic, exterior outlets, water heater, and check for any other possible air leaks.

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